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“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

With over 20 years of journalistic and editorial experience – spanning BBC radio, print, online, TV, international institutions and corporate media – I can draw on a wealth of experience to ensure your English language projects are accurate, realistic and professional.

  • I offer proofreading, copy-editing and rewriting for any work, publications, documents or web pages written in English.
  • I particularly specialise in working with English texts that have undergone translation or have been written by inexperienced writers or those for whom English is a secondary language.
  • With proven writing skills I can offer copy-writing that helps you encapsulate what you want to say, for the right audience.
  • My wide experience as a radio presenter and producer and as a public speaker means I can help you improve your spoken English skills, whether for formal or informal situations.
  • I can also provide expert and professional live or recorded voice tracks for numerous projects.

I am an experienced copy-editor and proofreader, having worked on numerous print and online English language publications and articles, from sports reports and news items to international legal publications, parliamentary documents and company literature. I can count major international and national organisations among my regular clients. I can even work on something as small as a dinner invitation – always ensuring you say exactly what you want to, clearly and accurately.

As a professional member of the Chartered Institute for Editors and Proofreaders (CIEP, formerly the Society for Editors and Proofreaders), you can trust that all my work meets the highest of professional industry standards.

My extensive journalistic background means I can draw on both written and vocal skills. I have long experience as a radio presenter, news reader and commentator on BBC and independent radio. I am trained to write in either succinct or detailed styles, whether it be for a 30-second radio news piece or an in-depth online article. And I can promise the highest level of accuracy, attention to detail and integrity.


Many organisations across the world rely on being able to provide appealing, attractive and accurate web pages to the English-speaking markets. Don’t take chances – badly written stuff will simply turn people away. With a wide-ranging knowledge of how to enhance the English language web pages of overseas companies and organisations wishing to target the English-speaking market, I can help you make sure you don’t lose people at the home page.


If your English pages have undergone translation or have been written by writers inexperienced in English or for whom English is not their primary language, don’t risk having your vital message obscured by clumsy or unnatural English. For instance, many translated texts are not double checked by experienced editors or can be translated rather formulaically – the quality of commercial translations can vary enormously and can often lack a grasp of the niceties of fluent, natural English. And that’s not to mention the risks you run by having your hard work subjected to machine translation! Translators make errors and typos too, so don’t run the risk of leaving them in.


As with web pages or company literature, no one listening to or watching English-language media productions wants to be distracted by a poor quality, incongruous or incomprehensible voiceover. They want accuracy. They want to hear crisp, clear language delivered by an appealing voice that brings the appropriate authority to each project. Don’t trust it to just any old English speaker – as a former radio professional I can promise you high-quality voiceovers that enhance, not spoil, your production.

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